Freelance web designer & developer

I’m Laura Somerville and I live in the beautiful city of Bath in the South West of England. My days are spent with web development from back end programming (PHP) to front end engineering (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) and graphic design working via my independent studio Sublime by Design. Working as a freelance web designer, I enjoy the creative freedom this gives me, as well as being able to work with new media agencies on a self-employed basis.

Making digital work

Currently my focus is on responsive, ecommerce, content managed (user editable) and database driven web site design. Previous work has included retail, travel, engineering, importing and manufacturing industries nationwide, ranging from one-person run businesses through to businesses with turnovers in the millions.

I love to help small businesses and individuals improve their online presence. As a freelance web designer, I work in a very collaborative and open way, and you will always have a say in what’s going on. I will always endeavor to provide an honest opinion on what I think will benefit your business the most.

When I’m not coding and pushing pixels around all day, I enjoy drinking coffee, growing sub-tropical plants in my garden and nature photography.

Freelance internet web site design

Who I work with


I work with startups who are just finding their feet to launch them into the digital space. I’m a believer in building relationships and look for companies who I can work with long term.


If you need a brand new site or website redesign, I’d love to hear from you. I work with established companies of all sizes to provide them with creative digital solutions.

Coding challenged graphic designers

If you are a graphic designer that loves your work but hates the back-end coding, modifying WordPress and other aspects of running sites, or are just too busy, get in touch to extend your services.

Design challenged developers

As a developer, you are extremely adept at problem solving. Getting your websites to behave in Internet Explorer is proof enough. Even so, you may not have the time or interest to get the design of your site looking as clean as your code. That’s fine. I take design as seriously as you take your markup. Get in touch if you think we’d work well together.